MohrWords is my reflection on leadership, higher education, diversity, cultural competence, and other random thoughts I may have.  As I am a person who continues to grow, develop, and learn, this blog will do the same.  My motto is to embrace the ambiguity and, for this blog, that means it can change at different times to meet different needs.

Who am I you ask?  Here is a brief bio:

James Mohr, PhD, serves as the Dean of Student Development and General Studies at Olympic College in Bremerton, WA.

He holds a doctorate in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University and a master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration from New York University.

He has presented at national and international conferences on intercultural leadership, understanding hate, white privilege, and creating safe campuses. Along with these presentations, he has conducted workshops on bias, gender and sexual equality, privilege and other human rights topics. He founded the CCS Intercultural Leadership Program (ICLP), which is a one-year program that brings administrators, classified staff, and faculty to explore the topic of intercultural leadership.

He has written articles on studying hate, harmful leadership, and the leadership lessons that can be learned from improvisational theater. His dissertation explored the process people use to leave white supremacist organizations and racist ideologies.

He also served in two capacities with the Gonzaga University Institte for Hate Studies: Director and Chair of the Board of Advisors. He assisted them with the organization of the International Conference on Hate Studies and the Take Action Against Hate Banquet.

Other tidbits: I enjoy roller coasters, improv, reading, hiking, good friends, and great food.


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